RAPHAEL MARINE  was established in Singapore , in 2015 and is today strategically located in SINGAPORE, CHINA and with worldwide representation to service the maritime/Shipping industry and particularly high calibre household name Owners and Managers originally,  ensuring clients’ compliance with IMO Ship Safety Equipment and SOLAS demands as our core business area with follow up of on board safety aspects and contributing to hazard free exposure of contemporary seafaring life.

The Group services approx. 100-200 vessels annually at all major ports and on many occasions even the most remote at short notice.    Thus, with our service network in excess of 50 over workshops ,warehousing & manufacturer/Maker approved service/Repair stations, we can provide services in virtually any port worldwide and presently have around 200 vessels under full contract.   

RAPHAEL MARINE  has a network of over 100 stations for Automation Equipments,Lifeboat – LSA/FFA Equipments , Navigation HEAT EXCHANGER , AIR COOLING SYSTEM , EMERGENCY VOYAGE REPAIR, Equipments , Deck machinery not only in Servicing but also Overhauling , Repair and Spare part supply all of whom are certainly Class approved, Maker Approves and again covering all main ports worldwide, from Engine ,Safety to Deck.
The Company over two decades of continuous dynamic and versatile growth has diversified into other areas within the maritime industry mainly after the demand of its valuable long standing clients to
accommodate the following :

  1. Automation Equipments overhauling, trouble shooting and repair
  2. Lifeboat
  3. LSA/FFA
  4. Ship Repairs and Dry dockings
  5. ICCP & MGPS
  6. Hatch cover , Crane , Grab , Windlass
  7. Navigation Equipment’s
  8. Heat Exchanger
  9. Ship Store, Provision and All Kinds spare part supply
  10. Freight forwarder services
  11. Dry docking agency ( China all shipyard )
  12. Agent For Ningbo Kairong Crane/LNG professional manufacturer in China

We firmly believe in Three philosophies;

  1. There are always solutions to every problem.  Without them we would not be as innovative or creative in solving them!
  2. Our success is an attitude requiring maximum effort to deliver desired results and guaranteeing repeated customer satisfaction.
  3. Safety is always our main concern!

“It’s an adventure, We are always ready to serve”