Choosing a reliable agent is key to optimize the process and avoid conflicting interests between yard and ship owner. The scope of work involved in a dry-docking is complex and involves liaising with various parties – the ship agent has to establish good relations with the relevant Dry-docks. In addition, a ship agent has to liaise with all the concerned authorities, and suppliers and service providers, well before vessel arrival to ensure smooth operations.

Our Dry Docking Ships agents provide

• Excellent relations with dry-dock authorities
• Expertise to handle all kinds of vessels and the ability to provide technical expertise whenever required
• High standards of local procurement powers and operational effectiveness
• Resourceful supervision of costs and service levels
• Ensure 24 hr coverage of vessel in port, with FULL on board presence
We meet your needs through one simple solution and one single point of contact:

• Consistent quality, availability and pricing
• Clear and continuous communication
• Transparent cost control and thorough follow-up
• No administrative hassles –we are on time and in control