Plate Type Heat Exchanger

We supply complete machine or the spare parts like plates and plates gasket no matter the brand. We service all popular plates and models, including Tranter, SWEP, HISAKA,Schmidt, Alfa Laval, GEA, APV, Sondex,VICARBand others.

Plate Material

  • Austenite Stainless Steel: 304, 316L, 904L, 254SMO
  • Titanium and Titanium Alloy: Ti, Ti-Pd
  • Nickel and Nickel Alloy: Hastalloy C-276, Monel,Inconel

Gasket Material

  • NBR(NS)
  • 90-NBR
  • HNBR
  • EPDM(ES)
  • 90-EPDM
  • H-EPDM

Production List

Alfa Laval :

  • M3 M6 M6M M6MX-R M6MX-L M10B M10M M10BW M15B M15M M15B Lip MK15BW M20M MX25B MX25M M30 MA30M MA30W
  • TL6B TL10B T20B T20P T20M TS6M TS20M
  • P22 P26 P31-P P31-D P32 P36 A10 A10B-R A10B-L AM10 A15 A15B A20 A20B AK20 AM20 AM20B AX30 AX30B AX30BW
  • Clip 8 Clip 10 H10 EC50 EC150 EC350 EC500 etc


  • VT04P VT10F VT20-C VT20-G VT20P VT40-C VT40-G VT40 P/M VT40P VT80-C VT80-G VT80M VT80P VT805 VT130F VT130K VT1306 VT2508
  • LWC100T FA 184 FA 184 Ch FA 192 FA 192 Ch N40 NT50***50X NT50M
  • NT100T NT100M NT100X NT150S NT150L NT250S NT250L NT350S etc


  • A055 A085 H17-C H17-G J060 J092 J107 R5-R R5-L
  • M60 M92 M107 N35-C N35-G N50 SR14AP K71-C K71-G etc


  • EX11 EX15 LX20 LX40 LX00A LX10A LX20A LX30A LX40A LX50A
  • RX10A RX11A RX30A RX70 UX10A UX20A UX30A UX40A UX01 UX10
  • UX20 UX30 UX40 UX80 UX90 SX40(41) SX40A etc


  • GX12 GXP018 GXP026 GXP042 GXP051 GXD012 GXD026 GXD042
  • GXD051 GXD060 GXD085 GXD145 GCD030 GCD054 GCD-54 GCP016 GCP026 GCP051 GCP060 GFP050 GFP100 GLD013 GLP013
  • S3/GFP030 S8/GFP080 GX-26 GX-51 GC-51 etc


  • S8 S15 S20 S21 S22 S30 S35 S37 S38
  • S39 S43 S47 S50 S62 S64 S65-C S65-G S121
  • S188 S4A S7A S8A S14A S20A S21A SFD13 etc

Schmidt :

  • Sigma16 Sigma17 Sigma22 Sigma27 Sigma30 Sigma32 Sigma37 Sigma64 Sigma85 Sigma114 SigmaM27 SigmaM36 SigmaM37 SigmaM66 SigmaM76 SigmaM106 SigmaX13 SigmaX19 SigmaX29 Star45 Star90


  • V4 V8 VU8 V13-C V13-G V20-C V20-G
  • V28-C V28-G V45-C V45-G V60-G V85-G etc


We supply all types of diesel air-coolers that are good efficiency and compact heat exchangers used to cool diesel and increase air pressure to raise efficiency greatly, Which can support diesel,(R&W/MAN/MWM/MTY/PC/PA/YAMA/SULZER/MARK/DEUTE/ STEYR/COMMINS)。

Atmos Condenser

The condenser shell expension type of horizontal shell and straight tubes.
The ends of the cooling tubes are connected separately to left and right tube plates by mass of expansion.Left and right tubes plates are linked to the covers with bolts and collar bolts.BLG,LOG series Lubricating oil and fresh water cooler is used to cool lubricating oil and fresh water of diesel engine, this cooler is shell expansion type of horizontal shell and straight tubes.