RMS offer solutions to its clients on maritime projects from routine maintenance and/or damage repairs to the most diverse assignments in China.

In case of a request for any kind of repairs including dry docking or special survey, RMS can arrange repairs to be effected at well organized shipyards in China. The shipyards, of which we are representatives, are supported by a group of qualified workshops, such as mechanical, electrical and steel sandblasting. Our relations with the shipyards coupled with the assistance of our in-house technical team, allow us to provide competitive quotations for repairs while preserving the quality, our approach to dry-docking and repair projects are customized to achieve;

  • Most economical budget and cost control
  • Highest quality of work-done
  • Shortest time
  • Full transparency

Our dedicated technical team and sub-contractors are directly engaged to non-docking related works such as steel, piping, engine, machinery, electrical, hydraulic, radio-navigation and other specific works.


  • Complete dry-docking and repair project management
  • Cost and budget analysis
  • Shipyard comparison analysis
  • Specification and contract review
  • On-site management, quality control
  • Technical advice and representation
  • Assistance in final invoice settlement